Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Medicine


The CIMN's TCM and Acupuncture Research Group develops innovative work on classical themes of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Based on therapy through the Five Elements, TCM has been successfully practiced for over 4000 years and the Western demand to complement Classical Western Medicine has been increasing over the years. In this sense, the conceptual validation and adaptation of an old Oriental Art as a healing practice is highly sought after in the western world.

This research group deals mainly with this theme. It is our firm belief that TCM can be scientifically evaluated, and that both diagnosis as well as therapeutic methods can be measurable and controllable, especially if a sufficient number of quality-research studies is carried out. We particularly work on the essential research of these topics within TCM, and to which there has not yet been given much attention to, such as: the new acupuncture techniques, the validity and accuracy of the old diagnosis methods and the biological explanations for the effects of Acupuncture.

In addition to this fundamental research, we are committed to explore questions and hypothesis regarding complementary and comparable aspects of Eastern and Western Medicine, as well as ascertaining the effective clinical application of TCM in the context of Western Medicine.

Work in Progress
  • Study of the absolute value of 1 Cun for the Portuguese population
  • The Relationship between TCM and the Body, in the Portuguese population
  • Identification of Biological Structures by Classical Techniques of Acupuncture
  • Establishing a Pain Index for Acupuncture Points
Published Work