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Members (CIMN's Statutes - Article 8)

1. Membership to the CIMN is reserved to national or foreign researchers with a Bachelor, Masters' or Doctorate Degree and whose area of expertise identifies itself with the various groups that are part of the Research Center. They must also participate in the unit's projects, focusing on research quality and in developing scientific activities that could be integrated into any of the research groups that comprise the Center.

2. The CIMN is formally composed of Integral Members and of Collaborating Members.

3. Integral Members are those who meet all of the following requirements:

a) are holders of a Doctorate degree;
b) have research interests in the fields and areas of research associated with the CIMN;
c) possess a scientific productivity that integrates into the research groups of the CIMN.

4. Collaborating Members are all members participating in the CIMN's Research Groups, despite of them being already integrated in other groups that are financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT); holders of non-Doctorate degrees; Physicians who do not meet the requirement of sub-paragraph c) of paragraph 3.

5. Admittance, Permanence and Exit of Integral Members of the Center is to be reviewed biannually in accordance with the timelines established by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

6. Those that comply with the FCT's Portuguese Statute for Research Grants are considered Collaborating Members.

7. Admittance of new members follows a proposal which is submitted to the Director by a Center's Member, previously approved by the Scientific Council.