Medical Botanics, Phytotherapy, Pharmacology And Phytotherapic Analysis


In their day-to-day activities, Health Professionals are constantly faced with the complex universe of drugs, which is increasingly growing, dynamic and regulated. Every day, the Research Industry swarms the market with molecules that offer new and complementary therapies while it also provides vast information on them to Health Professionals that, increasingly, have less time to go through it.

Nevertheless, the knowledge about the therapeutic value of plants has followed the Evolution of Man throughout the Ages. Currently, the pillars of Phytotherapy are based on the Quality, Efficacy And Safety of Herbal Medicines. The active compounds can be Natural (mineral, vegetable, animal) or Synthetic (often semi-synthetic).

This working group aims to initiate, in a pioneering way, the Research into the study of the Origins, Therapeutic Applications and possible Pharmacological Uses of Phytotherapics, as well as a focused emphasis on chemical analysis of drugs which are Herbal-based; framed in the context of Natural Medicine and therefore attempting to meet the expectations and needs of all Health Professionals.

Work in Progress
  • The Vinca Alkaloids and their growing importance in Cancer Treatment
Published Work
  • Possible Future Therapeutic Applications of Cannabinoids