Scientific Journal Of Natural Medicine

The fulfillment that arises from great accomplishments always starts with discrete and small steps. The accumulation of scientific knowledge, thankfully, is no exception to this rule. Until now, the field of Natural Medicine has merited attention on the part of researchers from different scientific areas but, unfortunately, the number and excellence of its discussion forums is unsatisfactory.
The fate of Natural Medicine is, at this point, at a crossroads between two very clear visions: on one hand, a straightforward old-fashioned rejection of ancient practices by the scientific community and, on the other hand, the attempt by some professionals and members of the scientific community to evaluate and eventually validate empirically based knowledge.
In the latter group we find the Director and Editors of the Scientific Journal of Natural Medicine (SJNM), an open space of serious scientific discussion on Natural Medicine by recognized professionals who wish to advance the scientific knowledge on the subject a full step ahead.

Past Issues

Issue 1, January 2014

Issue 2, July 2014

Issue 3, January 2015

Issue 4, June 2015

Publication Guidelines

The Scientific Journal of Natural Medicine aims at being a space for reflection and work in Health, particularly on Natural Medicine. It is founded on ethics and on scientific rigor. Authors that may be interested in submitting articles for publication will contribute to research-articles, book reviews, or other material of scientific and relevant nature. Interested parties can also participate with papers presented at scientific meetings, conferences, comments, reflections and other activities of relevance.

Relevant submission information can be found in past issues of SJNM.

All submissions should be addressed to: sjnm@cimnatural.com.